Flu Season Around the Corner

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With flu season just around the corner, you may want to think about reducing your chances of catching the virus by getting vaccinated.

Flu shots are usually administered by a needle in the arm, and while that may scare some people, they are only designed to do good rather than bad.

Dr. Greg Johns, with the Southeast AL Medical Center said, “Influenza vaccines work to bring immunity in your own body, the virus itself. They take a couple strains of the virus and they inactivate it so they don't cause infection. When they inject you, it allows your body [to fight it] should you be exposed to it."

If you are feeling ill, watch your symptoms carefully because flu symptoms are sometimes mistaken for a common cold.

“The main symptoms are a cough because it is a respiratory virus. You can have many other symptoms; frequently fever, they have muscle aches, joint aches, stomach symptoms, vomiting, nausea," explained Johns.

So, before you take any over the counter medicine, you should see a doctor to get proper treatment.

"There are some medicines out that are supposed to decrease the length of the illness, but none of them take things away immediately. So, you treat the symptoms more than you treat the infection," Johns concluded.

The shot is recommended for all people older than six months of age, those with other types of illness and the elderly.

If you are interested in getting a low cost flu shot, you can visit the Houston County Health Department.

To make an appointment you can contact them at 678-2800.

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