Prison Escapee Back in Jail

More details are surfacing about the escape of a prisoner being transported through Dothan earlier this week.

The hunt for 39-year-old Edward Morgan ended Wednesday night after police found Morgan near a mobile home park on South Oates Street in Dothan.

Morgan revealed the plan; he and the other prisoners came up with during their 14-hour trip from Pennsylvania to Dothan.

It appears as though the other prisoners, a convicted murderer, rapist, and a man serving a sentence for child pornography, had originally planned on carjacking and kidnapping someone after they made their escape.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell said the rapid response and attention to the story played a role in the capture of Morgan.

After a brief stay at the medical center, Morgan is at the Houston County Jail without bond.

District Attorney Doug Valeska told News 4, he will prosecute Morgan on third degree escape charges and he will hold him in the Houston County Jail until he is prosecuted.