Wiregrass Bogus Checks

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Police are looking for a woman who is suspected of stealing a box of checks and passing them off as her own.

So far, she has passed 20 to 30 checks without getting caught.

"This causes a lot of problems for the victims, a lot of problems for the businesses when checks are passed that are either forged, stolen or counterfeit," says Investigator Bill Rafferty with the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

However, this is just one case.

Right now, the Houston County Sheriff's Office is looking into two other cases of worthless checks. They need your help in finding the suspects.

Larado Rogers and Amy Ivey are suspected of passing off around $5000 dollars worth of bogus checks in the Wiregrass, mostly targeting grocery and convenience stores.

And, Marisa Parker is wanted for passing checks on closed accounts, then pawning or selling the goods she buys.

"It seems to be on the rise. We've had more reports of these types of crimes this year than last year. People, for whatever reason, they're stealing them and using them," says Rafferty.

But it's not just the bogus checks that are becoming a serious issue. Deputies say the number of stolen debit and credit cards are also on the rise.

If you have any information, contact the Houston County Sheriff's Office. Their number is 677-4808.