Dale County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit

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One of the tools used to search for the escaped prisoner is a helicopter.

The Bellaero Hanger at Blackwell Field has been a staple in Dale County since 1986.

The aviation unit is home to four helicopters and one airplane; all donated by the government.

"We've assisted in the search and rescue of children lost on rivers and assisted in escapes from other counties. We've used it in stolen property as well as drug eradication," says Sheriff Wally Olson of Dale County.

The Dale County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit operates on a $25,000 budget yearly and receives various donations throughout the year.

All this helps in tracking drug paraphernalia, stolen property and search cases such as the one involving Edward Morgan who escaped Monday evening.

The aviation unit does not charge for use of the aircrafts, but instead, concentrates on what is beneficial for the community.

"If it is your loved one that's out here lost in the woods you want everybody possible that can help to find them and this just gives us another tool to be able to make that happen," said Olson.

Olson says the commissioner and sheriff’s office have helped a great deal with keeping the operations up and running.

The aviation office hopes to get a K-9 unit in the near future to help with the program.