Enterprise Man Missing for Seven Weeks

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It has been seven weeks and there is still no sign of a man who went missing in Ozark.

Police are now turning to the public for help.

The Wright family is still holding onto hope they will soon find 32-year-old William Grady Wright, Junior.

William, who his mother says has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, went missing over seven weeks ago, on Saturday, August 18th just after midday.

At that time, he was off his medication.

"He had an episode that Saturday morning. We thought we had him calm down and my son said, 'come home with me. We can bowl and play Xbox.' He packed to go, but while riding he kept looking afraid," says Linda Williams, William's mother.

Her is how the Wright family describes the incident: ‘As Williams's brother nears his house, William grabs the door, opens it and bolted out, running up Fair Avenue.’

William has a criminal past, but only of minor offenses.

Police say he has no history of violence and don't consider him a major threat to those around him.

"Our concern is his mental issue, and we want to get him some help," says Deputy Chief Myron Williams, Ozark Police Department.

"We know he's a grown man. He has four kids and a wife and he has four brothers and he has a nephew and a grandmother. If he didn't have a mental problem that he has, we wouldn't be as concerned," says Linda.

The Wright family says they continue to hold onto hope that William is alive, and they hope he will return home.

If you have information on Wright's whereabouts, call 911. There is a $1500 dollar reward for anyone with information that leads to his location.

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