Plans for New Enterprise High School Unveiled

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Enterprise School officials have unveiled plans for the new high school.

A three-story, 395,000 square foot, 161-classroom school artist's rendition of the future look of the new Enterprise High School was revealed on Wednesday. It will be built on the west end of the Boll Weevil Circle.

Exact dollar figures have not been discussed, but it promises to be the most modern school in Alabama, and possibly the southeast:

Enterprise City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim Reese said, "It puts academics first. Plus, it has facilities for career technical professional work. It provides for the full academic picture."

Work continues on the demolition of the old high school.

The new facility will have a sports complex complete with a modern 8000-seat stadium, which will rival many college facilities.

For Montgomery Architect John Woodham, it's the most ambitious project the Geneva native has ever been associated with in some 45-years in the profession. "I am proud of the work I had done on helicopters for the Army Corp of Engineers, but this I'm most proud of. I think it makes me think of topping off my career."

With demolition of the old high school well underway, the president of the Enterprise School Board says this will be a showcase.

President Gene Lolley says, "The plans are tremendous with not too much time to work on them. We've sought input from administration, faculty and the community."

It will take three-years to complete the new high school.

School teachers will also have input before construction plans are finalized.

Teachers hope groundbreaking can take place in early 2008.

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