Hocker Hearing

Thirty-one-year-old David Kevin Hocker has asked a judge to dismiss his court-appointed attorney and terminate his appeal.

The move will likely expedite his execution.

Hocker was sentenced to die for the March 1998 murder and robbery of his boss, Jerry Wayne Robinson. He told Judge Larry Anderson he had no problem with the way his trial was conducted or the way Defense Attorney Michael Crespi has handled his case, but he wanted to end his appeal.

Reading from a prepared statement, Hocker said he's made his peace with God. Hocker also said he feels the death penalty is justified in his case and while he did not want to die, he was ready to accept the consequences for his actions.

District Attorney Doug Valeska said the confession paves the way for Hocker's execution.

Judge Anderson granted Hocker’s motion to dismiss his attorney and end his appeal. The State Supreme Court will have to review the hearing and set an execution date and that process could take months.