Towing Service Complaints

Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell has appointed a special committee to look at complaints about towing service in the Circle City.

Some of the complaints come from Dothan residents, but others are from the towing company operators themselves.

Mayor Sowell appointed the committee after residents and towing company owners lodged complaints in recent weeks. Currently, more than two dozen towing companies handle wrecks and other police calls in Dothan.

The companies take turns handling all calls for a two-week period and can rake in more than 15 thousand dollars during that time. That's because, when they're on call, the companies allegedly charge two or three times their normal rates.

Ott Massey says he wanted his wreck towed to his house. Instead, the vehicle was taken to the towing company's lot where he wound up paying nearly 500 dollars in towing and storage charges.

The panel will also look at allegations that some towing companies have begun operating under more than one name in order to get more than their fair share of business.

Committee Chairman Don Clements says the panel will try to hold its first meeting later this week. Mayor sowell wants the committee to have a report ready by October 5th.