Congressman Bright Discusses Illegal Immigration

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Congressman Bobby Bright is back in Alabama from a trip to El Paso, Texas where he toured their border patrol sector since it's considered one of the most successful in the country.

Today he shared what he learned with residents in the Wiregrass at an illegal immigration forum in Dothan.

Congressman Bright was impressed with El Paso’s border control and says he'd like to see more of it.

“We still need resources to secure the border all the way through to California and as I said it's 698 miles to there,” says Bright.

He also asked for residents' opinion on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

"Do you think we should penalize the employers more than what we're doing?"

The crowd answered with a thunderous "yes."

But they also had questions for him.

Dothan City Commissioner John Craig said, "We’re being asked on the commission what we're doing about the people that are already here. What are we doing to get rid of them and once they're taking jobs and running our hospital bills up.”

"This border has to be secured, then we can talk about the millions that are already here,” says Bright.

Bright also told residents he doesn't feel like granting amnesty is the answer.

Of course Arizona’s new law was a hot topic.

Bright says since the probability of racial profiling was removed from the legislation, he is supporting their new law.

"I agree with it, totally agree with it. And I’ll tell you why, because the federal government has not done what they needed to do to protect our borders, but it has not been just with this administration it's been with a number of years back,” says Bright.

The congressman went on to say that suing Arizona is not the answer, that instead the federal government should be funding more border control so states like Arizona wouldn't have to make those tougher laws themselves.

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