Escapee Still on the Run

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Monday night around 10:50 Dothan Police responded to the 3300 block of South Oates Street near the Southside Wal-Mart.

Police say 36-year-old Edward Morgan of Gainesville, Florida escaped in Dothan.

He, along with nine other prisoners was being transported from Indiana County, Pennsylvania to Leon County, Florida.

The remaining nine were accounted for and have now been transported to Florida.

Meanwhile, Morgan is still at large.

It’s the second escapee in the last two weeks.

This time, it wasn't from local custody. This was from a private transporting company called Mid Florida Security.

"It's a private security company. It wasn't local law enforcement and the manner in which this individual escaped custody, it is unusual," says Dothan Police Chief John Powell.

Police say Morgan escaped near the Southside Wal-Mart.

However, what makes this case difficult, according to police, is that this is the last location where Morgan was seen.

Police did find a shirt behind Wal-Mart and they believe it's the one Morgan was wearing at the time of his escape.

Still, many in the community near the location of Morgan's disappearance have not been taking any chances.

"I'm afraid for right now. I'm very afraid and I'm afraid to come outside. So, I'm going to double check everything before I go to bed. I'm very alarmed about it," says Bernice Handsford, who lives near the Southside Wal-Mart.

Morgan was being transported on worthless check charges.

Police say Morgan has an extensive criminal history, one that includes robbery, kidnapping and sexual charges.

They consider him a threat to anyone who comes in contact with him

Many agencies are cooperating to help find Morgan.

However, police say the biggest help is the community.

He was spotted near the intersection of Inez Road and Blackmon Road.

So, if you see anyone that looks like Morgan, call 911 immediately.

He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing around 170 pounds.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Edward Morgan, call Crime Stoppers at 793-7000.

There is a reward up to $1000 dollars being offered.

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