Dothan City Schools on High Alert

With a fugitive on the loose, area residents are grateful that city schools are taking extra precautions.

Grandparents Orvis and Faye Hamm are breathing a sigh of relief as they pick up their granddaughter Tori from Dothan High School.

Faye Hamm said, "We're just hearing about the lockdown and we're real happy they did this 'cause those children need protection."

Dothan High School was put on a precautionary lockdown early Tuesday morning stemming from a prisoner who escaped late Monday night.

Later in the day, Dothan Police decided to follow through with the precaution lockdown for all Dothan City Schools.

Lieutenant David Jay with the Dothan Police Department says all doors but the main were locked and elementary students stayed indoors for the day.

Jay says extra measures are being taken to insure the safety of the children. "We've had officers go to each one of the schools to verify all the doors are secure and let the school principal and staff know what's going on as far as us looking for this escapee."

Faye Hamm says she is happy to know the school her granddaughter attends is taking extra steps to ensure her safety and adds some words of advice to the ninth grader. "I would just tell her to stay away from the events that are going on or whatever she can do to keep herself safer."

Jay says the schools will continue as usual on Wednesday.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell says the high school was placed on lockdown because it is in the general area where the escapee was last seen.

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