You're feeling downbeat and somewhat pessimistic today, which colors everything you do. You don't have as much energy as usual, you're imagining the worst and you're also rather sorry for yourself. Try to keep away from anyone who has a tendency to put you down or make you feel like an idiot because they'll only increase your current lack of confidence.


If you only got as far as planning a journey yesterday, you're now in the mood to take it one step further and make some concrete arrangements. You'll feel so much better for having something exciting lined up. If you're passing a bookshop or newsagent today, it will be hard to resist going in, and then it will be equally hard to resist buying something nice. Hey ho!


You have a strong need to be with other people today, but you don't want just any old person. Instead, you're hankering for people you can trust, and in whom you can confide if necessary. Your conversation may even be mutually beneficial, with both of you sharing secrets, safe in the knowledge that they won't go any further.


A relationship hits a low point today, maybe because a partner is feeling gloomy or depressed, and their mood can't help but rub off on you. Or maybe there's an emotional gulf between the two of you, making you feel worried and lonely. Do your best not to let what are probably passing moods assume massive proportions, otherwise you'll end the day feeling utterly wretched. It may help to spend time alone on activities that always cheer you up or give you a strong sense of satisfaction.


Your thoughts and emotions are working in tandem today, making it easy to get on well with the people around you. It's great for taking part in discussions and negotiations because you'll make a lot of sense, as everyone in earshot will appreciate. It's also a good day for getting on with your work in your own time, especially if you have to do lots of paperwork or filing.


Try to get out and about today, especially if it means visiting places you've never been to before. You don't have to go on a major trek, either, because even trying out a new restaurant or shop will satisfy your desire for something new. On the other hand you'll be in seventh heaven if you can take the day off and have a mini adventure.


It's not a good day Libra, because you're feeling miserable and under the weather. Nothing seems to be going right, even if it's perfectly okay in practice, and you're feeling sorry for yourself. Try not to let yourself get sucked into believing in your current mood because things aren't nearly as bad as they seem and you'll soon feel much more positive again.


You have the happy knack of being able to say the right thing today, so don't let it go to waste. Have a chat with that tricky neighbor of yours or sweet-talk a touchy relative into being docile and friendly. Try to find time to catch up on your letter-writing and emailing, too, because you'll enjoy putting your thoughts into words.


It's a good day for putting your feelings into words, whether you're talking about something really important or merely expressing your opinion about last night's television programs. However, you'll amaze yourself if you start talking about your feelings because you'll be really articulate and not afraid to speak from the heart.


Life is a little tricky with a certain person today. Maybe they've got their chin on the floor and you can't get them to give you even a glimmer of a smile, which is disheartening and depressing after a while. Or perhaps you're the one who's feeling fed up and, like Eeyore, full of doom and gloom. It won't help if there's a small rift in one of your relationships because you'll fret and worry about it, turning it from a minor blip into a major crisis. Relax!


Pace yourself today or you'll take on too much work and then struggle to get it all done. This will wear you out and reinforce your current sense of having the world on your shoulders. The fact is that things look bleaker today than they really are, so try to remember that, or you'll feel extremely miserable and sorry for yourself.


You're in a very chatty and lively mood today, so your idea of hell will be having to spend the day by yourself or in silence. You won't mind who you talk to, although you'll have the most fun when you're with friends, neighbors and other people you see on a regular basis. If you meet someone for the first time you could discover, much to your delight, that they're a kindred spirit.

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