Keep an eagle eye on paperwork and files because they'll have a nasty habit of doing their own thing and causing havoc. This isn't a time to trust to luck or hope that everything will magically look after itself because that isn't going to happen. There could also be mix-ups over appointment times, so check these carefully.


Cram as much fun into your life as possible, Taurus. You'll have a very strong desire to enjoy yourself whenever you get the chance, and that will include making the most of your love life. If you get involved with someone new, the thrill of the chase will be a big part of the fun. Take care, though, not to confuse love with lust.


Domestic relationships start to come under strain, so be wary about misreading situations and try not to give anyone the wrong impression simply because you haven't said something important. Do your best to avoid signing any documents or agreements until this tricky phase blows over, in case you're being led up the garden path or you haven't been given all the facts.


This is the time for putting as much effort into your communications as possible, especially in the romantic arena. If you have something to say, this is the time to say it, especially if it requires courage. However, will you know when to be quiet? There's a chance that you might say too much at times, or come across as too aggressive and demanding. So take care!


If you're waiting for someone to repay a debt, do your best to chase them up. Make it plain that you aren't going to let them get away with it, and you'll keep reminding them that you're waiting for your money. Money in general will be important to you, but don't let it make you unduly materialistic or acquisitive.


Personal communications won't be easy, so take extra precautions. You might not realize that you're sending out mixed signals or that you're giving a misleading impression about something. This won't be a good time for making important personal decisions because you might change your mind about them further down the line.


Get out and about as much as possible today. Ideally, you should forget about your usual routine and do something completely different for a change, because it will be a real tonic. You'll also enjoy getting together with people who have a refreshing take on life and who can help you to see it from another angle.


Don't waste any time making progress with your plans for the future. You may even have a strong sense of urgency that pushes you forward and won't allow you to relax for long. Why not set yourself a reasonable deadline, so you have something specific to aim for and you can pace yourself accordingly.


Between now and late September you'll feel a strong urge to push ahead with your goals and ambitions. There will be phases when this seems extremely urgent and you'll be reluctant to waste valuable time. Although you'll be able to achieve a tremendous amount, you'll be most successful if you know when to pace yourself. Avoid making management feel that you're after their job and snapping at their heels.


You're up for a challenge, and you'll jump at anything that gives you the opportunity to prove your worth or push yourself further than usual. This could be very helpful and inspiring if you're the sort of Capricorn who likes to play safe, but it may not be such good news if you're always fairly headstrong, because during the next few weeks you'll want to stretch yourself, and your luck, to the limit.


You can put stacks of energy into activities that have a lot of meaning for you, but you won't be nearly so enthusiastic over things you can take or leave. In fact, you could get rather ratty if you're expected to spend too much time on activities that seem inconsequential or superficial. You'll also have plenty of energy to devote to your sex life, as you'll be feeling extremely passionate and sensual.


Some of your relationships will be rather fraught between now and late September, thanks to a sudden inability on your part to compromise and allow others to go their own way. You want to call the shots, and to have a lot of control over partners, even if this drives them round the bend with irritation. So expect some heated encounters unless you can tone things done a little.

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