Be careful what you say because your words could carry a sting that you aren't aware of. It will only be when you see someone's wounded expression or hear their sharp intake of breath that you realize what you've said. So don't be slow to apologize if you think it's necessary! You should also be wary of revealing someone's secrets or dropping heavy-handed hints.


It's a great start to the month because you're in such a good mood. What's more, so is everyone else! This means you'll sail through the day in style, surrounded by beaming faces. You might want to cash in on this relaxed atmosphere by getting in touch with people who can sometimes be tricky to deal with, because you should have no problems with them now.


You need to do some straight talking today in order to unravel the problems that have sprung up with a certain person. Although you may be tempted to pretend that nothing's wrong, such a tactic will only postpone the agony of having to sort things out. It may also make them worse, because everyone concerned will have time to brood and feel hard-done-by. Not good!


If you're a typical Cancerian you're a born collector, and today you can't stop yourself collecting facts and figures. It's great for doing some sort of research, especially if it's connected with travel, work or health. But make sure you get plenty of breaks otherwise you'll start to feel bogged down with information and be unable to think straight. You might also get a bee in your bonnet about something and struggle to stop thinking about it.


You start the month feeling really good, so enjoy yourself! Close relationships work well today, whether they're with your partner or other members of your family, as there are few expectations of one another. Instead, you're happy to let people be themselves, and it's a recipe for success. If you've been thinking about a possible house move, this is a good day for taking things one step further.


A certain person is consumed by curiosity today and they won't rest until they've got the answers they're looking for. Unfortunately, this could be a rather uncomfortable experience for everyone else because this person won't know when to stop asking questions or prying into other people's business. Be honest with them because they'll only become paranoid if they think you're trying to hide something, but don't let them overstep the mark.


Take it easy today, otherwise everything will get on top of you and you'll find it hard to stay on track of what you're doing. Before you know what's happening, your thoughts will be going round and round in your head, and you'll get completely wrapped up in problems that don't really matter. Try to be tidy and organized because if you lose something you'll waste hours searching for it.


It's obvious that someone cares about you but they can't help sticking their nose in where it's not wanted today. Maybe they think you're holding back some information from them and they're determined to get it out of you or perhaps they're suspicious of what you're up to. Whatever is bugging them, you'll know all about it as they give you the third degree. If you're the one who's consumed by curiosity, make sure you know when to stop asking questions.


The better someone knows you, the more freedom they think they have to pry into your personal life today, and you don't like it. They are probably only doing this because they care about you, but you may have to tell them to back off at some point. Don't fall into the same trap if you want to know more about a loved one's life, otherwise you'll get rapped over the knuckles pretty hard.


By nature you're a very private person, so you won't like it when someone pries into things that you believe are none of their business. You may even get the impression that there's something underhand or sneaky about their interest in your affairs. This certainly isn't the day for sharing your secrets with someone because they could soon become public knowledge. If in doubt, say nothing at all.


Curiosity killed the cat, so they say, and today it gets the better of someone who should have more manners. They're intrigued by something that you consider to be very personal and none of their business, and they won't rest until they've wormed very detail out of you. You may have to tell them where to get off. This is a great day for thinking about how to finance a future project, but don't let these thoughts turn into an obsession.


It's not the greatest start to March, because once thoughts lodge in your head you'll find it very difficult to shift them. This means you'll quickly get distracted by them and unable to think about anything else. The best way to cope with this is to make sure you have plenty of diversions and that you get some physical exercise. And try not to brood about things!

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