Under a Full Moon in your mid-heaven, you need to consider all the ins and outs of your career. Some of the conclusions you reached a month ago, during the last Full Moon, are high on the agenda again and you need to think them through carefully. Be prepared to jettison plans that aren't working out in favor of those that stand a better chance of success.


Today's Full Moon urges you to examine a situation from every angle during the coming fortnight. This may not be as simple or straightforward as you imagine, because you'll soon discover that there are more shades of grey involved than you first thought. Try to avoid getting on your moral high horse because that will be a distraction.


You need to turn your attention to your finances during the coming fortnight, especially if you failed to make much impact on this area of your life last month. It's no good hoping that nasty things such as bills and credit card statements will vanish of their own accord, so you need to take action now. Otherwise, things could go from bad to worse.


Today's Full Moon will put plenty of emphasis on your relationships during the coming fortnight. Unfortunately, this won't always be an enjoyable experience because it will stir up residual problems and grievances that have been waiting to see the light of day. You might also realize some uncomfortable truths about one of the people in your life, making you wonder what your next step should be.


Today's Full Moon will have a dramatic impact on your health during the next two weeks. This might be when you decide it's time to stop a bad habit, such as smoking, and to take yourself in hand. You should also spare a thought for your usual routine. If you think it's got stuck in a rut, you need to liven it up a little before you reach screaming pitch.


It's time to put the finishing touches to a creative project you've been working on recently, and preferably to do so within the next two weeks. However, you may be distracted by a temporary crisis with a special person in your life and will have to devote precious time to sorting it out. Try not to over-react and make it something it isn't.


Today's Full Moon will have a big impact on your domestic life during the next two weeks. For instance, you may realize that you've been neglecting a member of the family recently and you need to make it up to them, or you may have to juggle the demands of home with those of your working life. If you've put your home on the market you might suddenly get a buyer.


You need to get at the truth during the coming fortnight, especially if someone is obscuring it with a lot of hot air or they're trying to blind you with science. You may have to carry out your own independent research before you feel able to work out what's been going on. You might also have to make a decision about a child's education or their current behavior.


Today's Full Moon is telling you to sort out your finances during the next two weeks, especially if you've been overspending and it's time to pull in your horns. Try to do this sooner rather than later, so you can avert a major cash crisis. You may also have to stand up for your priorities, especially in the face of a partner who doesn't seem to think they matter.


Today's Full Moon shines the spotlight on your personal life, and over the next two weeks it will highlight any flaws that need your attention. For instance, you might realize that you aren't prepared to continue with a particular situation any longer and it's time to put your foot down. Or you may reach the end of a big chapter in your life and get ready to start something new.


Today's Full Moon is telling you to face up to some of your fears. That way, you can start to deal with them. But brushing them under the carpet and pretending they don't exist won't make them go away. If that's been your MO recently then you'll be forced to do something constructive about these fears within the next couple of weeks. Far better to do it voluntarily now than to be forced into it later on when a crisis erupts.


During the coming two weeks today's Full Moon will affect some of your long-term plans. You might realize that one of them is never going to see the light of day and that you may as well forget all about it and start dreaming about something else. Or perhaps you'll finally achieve something you've been working towards for a long time, leaving you wondering what to aim for next.

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