If you're a single Ram looking for love, you could very well find it today if you mix with people who are older or more powerful than you. For instance, you could be very attracted to a boss or supervisor, and there's even a chance that you'll begin a relationship that has to stay a secret. Whatever the state of your heart, you'll enjoy having some time to yourself at some point.


What will today's Full Moon bring you over the next two weeks? Well, it's telling you that you need to sort out a problem with a loved one before it gets any worse. It's also encouraging you to put the finishing touches to any creative projects that you've been involved with recently, so you can bask in the warm glow of success for a while before moving on to something new.


Today's Full Moon highlights the current imbalance between the demands of your home and work. Something's got to give, and at this rate it will be your temper unless you can stop feeling like a seesaw as you swing between your family commitments and the demands of your job. You may also have to accept that an episode from your past is now ancient history.


Today's Full Moon will have a big impact on your communications during the next two weeks. It might make you think seriously about something that's close to home, such as a child's education or a neighborhood issue. This will also be a good time to clear up recent misunderstandings with someone so you can set the record straight. Throughout all this, do your best to remain calm and not to let anything get on top of you.


Full Moons are always a time of endings and for tidying up loose ends, and that's exactly what you should be doing with your finances during the next two weeks. Don't ignore any problems because they'll only get worse before blowing up in your face. In fact, a little well-timed troubleshooting now will save you a lot of hassle and worry later on.


Today's Full Moon will have a big impact on you over the next two weeks because it's asking you to examine your life in detail and decide whether any facet of it needs to be changed or improved. Perhaps it's time to rid yourself of something that is holding you back from achieving your true potential, whether it's an attitude, a habit or a relationship. Be prepared to do some soul-searching.


You're keen to hit it off with everyone you meet today and you'll make a big effort to do so. This means that even if you're with someone who usually winds you up you'll manage to swallow your feelings and be friendly to them. You've got plenty of energy too, and you'll enjoy being busy around your house or garden, especially if you're making some improvements or adornments.


You're feeling very playful, especially when you're with that special someone. It's the perfect excuse for going out on the town together, so how about going dancing or visiting your favourite restaurant? If you're a sporty Sagittarian you'll enjoy burning off some energy in the gym or squash court, and you'll be determined to beat everyone else hollow.


Full Moons often feel like a time of crisis and today's certainly does. You need to make a decision about something that affects your home or working life, but there are lots of factors involved which is why it all feels so complicated and highly charged. This could also be a testing time in your career, when recent hard work is evaluated and you are judged accordingly.


It's a great day to indulge your social life. You're in a gregarious and high spirited mood, making you good fun to be around. You're also feeling quite flirtatious, which is just what you need if you want to chat someone up. Actually, you'll put a lot of energy into anything you choose to do now, provided that it interests you in the first place.


It's one of those days when you have plenty of energy for the things you want to do but almost none for anything that smacks of hard work or duty. Well, you're laughing if you can successfully avoid all the things you don't want to do because you'll have a really good time. However, if there's no getting round doing some work, you'll have to psych yourself up to it and do the best you can. Give yourself a reward by arranging to do something nice later on.


Your relationships are highlighted by today's Full Moon, bringing any difficulties and tensions to a climax. The atmosphere between you and your other half could be more fraught than usual because you need to adjust to one another's current moods. Make this an opportunity to resolve, or at least to understand, your differences, so you can live together more harmoniously.

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