It's one of those days when life is unpredictable and you feel you have very little control over what happens. As a result, events are likely to take you by surprise and plans may go out of the window. Try to resist the temptation to do anything in a slapdash or careless manner because then things really will spiral out of control and you'll be left in chaos.


You're drawn to people who are chalk to your cheese, so don't be surprised if you experience a strong attraction to someone who's the antithesis of you. If a new relationship gets off the ground now, it will be unusual in some way and will bring out aspects of your personality that are normally kept hidden; and it's going to be very exciting!


You're gripped by the sudden and urgent need to do your own thing and be seen as your own person today. You have no desire to fit in with other people, nor to do things simply because they're expected of you. In fact, you're perfectly prepared to stick two fingers up to the world if necessary. This will certainly get your point across but do you have to do something so drastic?


Are you ready to be dazzled and fascinated? That's exactly what is likely to happen now when you meet someone who enthralls and captivates you. It will be a case of eyes across a crowded room. This might never get any further than a delightful flirtation, or it could be the start of something so powerful that you'll feel as though you've been hit by lightning.


Be careful when handling your finances today because you could easily do things too quickly and end up making mistakes that you'll kick yourself over when you discover them. If you suspect that an intimate relationship has become rather stale, consider how you can liven things up again, preferably with the consent of the other person. You don't want to spring any nasty surprises on them!


Try to change your schedule in some way today at the first hint of boredom or dreariness. Do something on the spur of the moment, alter your plans or take a small risk. If you don't do something like this, you'll be tempted to create some excitement through your disruptive behavior. For instance, you might start a row or make some controversial pronouncements.


There's a nice surprise in store for you today. You might hear some unexpected good news about a pay rise or bonus that's coming your way, or a colleague could do or say something that makes you go pink with pleasure. Speaking of colleagues, there might even be something going on between you and a certain person that makes you see them in a new light.


You're on sparkling, not to say dazzling, form today and if you don't collect a string of admirers it won't be for lack of trying. You could have a surprise encounter with someone you didn't expect to see, or be bowled over by one of the most exciting and glamorous people you've ever met. This is a day for living life to the hilt, so enjoy yourself!


It won't take much to make the Archer feel trapped and suffocated today, particularly if you're with someone who clings to convention or the status quo because they're so scared of change. Maybe you're terrified that you have more in common with this person that you like to think? You'll certainly want to prove how go-ahead you can be, even though it will send this person into a flat spin.


Someone brings out the best in you today. They might encourage you to be much more light-hearted than usual, or to abandon some of your inhibitions for a short while. This will be exciting and liberating, so you'll want to do more of it in the near future. There could also be a very flirtatious encounter with a friend or neighbor, which really sets you thinking.


You have an interesting, and possibly even surprising, encounter with someone you respect and admire today. You might see a new side to them that you never knew existed, and which makes them seem much more approachable and fun. If you're in a position of authority over someone, you could find exciting new ways to express it now.


Any hint of restriction or limitation will make you want to scream today, because it's the last thing you need right now. In fact, you'll be tempted to rebel in dramatic and impressive ways if you think someone is trying to clip your wings or you're feeling hemmed in by repressive circumstances. Break free if needs be, but don't do it in ways that are designed to cause maximum disruption or draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

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