You're feeling very expansive and confident, which makes you eager to get started on some exciting new projects. You feel able to take on much greater tasks than usual and you'll relish the challenge that they offer you, but make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew and end up with egg all over your face.


You're in a marvelously expansive and happy mood today, and you want everyone around you to share your current sense of bonhomie. You can't help viewing life from a highly optimistic angle. It looks as though this will be completely justified when it comes to your love life, because someone special is going to make your day, if not your week, or even your entire month if you're really lucky.


If you're currently making some domestic plans, you'll get so carried away today that it will be a struggle to keep your feet on the ground. Instead, you'll indulge in all sorts of wonderful flights of fancy, and dismiss current difficulties with an airy wave of your hand. You can be very imaginative today, Gemini, but don't lose all sense of reality in the process!


You're so full of optimism today that you could probably bottle it, if you could only figure out a way to do it. Mind you, you're in the sort of mood where anything is possible. You have very high hopes right now, but try not to get carried away and waste your time on projects that are obviously pie in the sky or far too ambitious even for you. You need to introduce a little realism!


Once again you're in shopping mode and you'll love to spend some big bucks, whether or not you've got them. This urge to splurge will soon be moderated, but in the meantime you might decide to go for broke! You could make some very lucky purchases now if you keep your wits about you, but do watch the expense of it all.


Life looks pretty good from where you're standing today. You're more than prepared to take the rough with the smooth, but right now you have so much to be thankful for that you hardly notice any rough bits. This positive approach will win you many fans, and it will also help to attract some positive experiences in your direction.


Do you believe in guardian angels? Whether you do or not, it seems that someone or something is looking out for you right now. You might have a lucky escape from a difficult situation, or an opportunity could land in your lap without any effort on your part. Do your best to appreciate your good fortune, rather than to think it means that you're bulletproof.


A friend could open doors for you today that would have remained shut without their influence. They might introduce you to someone who'll turn out to be a very useful contact, or they could help you to convert a pipe dream into a great big triumph. As a bonus, this person will cheer you up, boost your faith in human nature and make you grateful to know them.


You're in a very expansive and optimistic mood today, especially when you consider your current prospects and chances of success. Even though it might seem as though everything is in the bag, some details still need attention and you don't want to trip yourself up by being complacent, lazy or over-confident. Nevertheless, you're capable of great things right now.


What a great day! You could be on the receiving end of a giant slice of good luck, but don't just sit around waiting for it to land in your lap or you'll be disappointed. You'll have to make your own luck by taking an active part in situations, keeping an open mind and being as adaptable as possible. Do all this, and something really good will happen to you.


The financial picture is looking quite rosy today, but don't let this go to your wallet so you rush out to spend the money before you've got it. You could hear some good news now about your finances, or have a lucky break in which you're the recipient of someone's generosity. This is also just the day for being demonstrative and affectionate.


A relationship goes through a renaissance today, and becomes even better than ever. You might spend all your time chortling with laughter, or discover that you have even more in common than you first thought. If you meet someone new now, they'll have an uplifting and exuberant impact on your life.

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