Mind how you go today, as Mercury turns direct, especially when dealing with other people, because you're showing a tendency to be too optimistic about everything. If your relationship with someone is in its early stages, try not to read more into what happens between you than is really there. You don't want to get your hopes up too high only to have them dashed later on. Try to keep both feet on the ground!


The best way to relax right now is to do things that you always enjoy and to be with people who lift your spirits. You're in the mood to channel as much energy as possible into your relationships, as Mercury turns direct, and you'll expect the same in return from the people you're with. If they fail to live up to your expectations you'll be disappointed and even rather miffed. But don't blow things out of proportion.


You'll find that you're piggy in the middle between the twin demands of work and home, as flighty Mercury turns direct. Both areas of life will have a strong claim on your time and attention, and there could be some emotional drains on your energy as well, but at least the confusion is beginning to diminish somewhat. The best way to handle this is to find a balance and sense of moderation, and not to make it an all-or-nothing situation.


If you aren't careful you could take on too much today and be left wondering how on earth you're going to cope, as Mercury turns direct. You may also have to do some juggling between the demands of home and work, and then hope that no one catches you out. Although the situation is unlikely to lead to trouble, it could leave you feeling embarrassed if you have to admit defeat and give up on something.


Someone is very full of themselves today. As Mercury turns direct, this person is eager to blow their own trumpet, whether or not you think it's justified. They might also get carried away and exaggerate a little, so don't believe everything you hear. Make sure you don't behave in this way yourself, even if it's very tempting to over-egg the pudding or put an extra gloss on a story. You'll be caught out!


Relationships are slightly fraught right now because of the emotional demands that a friend is making. As Mercury turns direct, this is likely to go to extremes but nevertheless you'll get the message that they crave your affection and attention, and won't be happy until they get it. You may have to find a balance between your needs and those of the other person.


It will be awfully tempting to read too much into what happens between you and a loved one, as Mercury turns direct after a couple of retro weeks in your sign. For instance, if you have a flirty relationship, you might start imagining that this person feel more for you than he or she really does, or you could convince yourself that you're in love when that isn't the case. So try to keep your imagination under control!


Mercury turns direct at last, and you're in a self indulgent mood. If that means forgetting all about the diet you're supposed to be on and raiding the fridge instead, you need to remember that the Shadow Period still has a week or so to run. If you're tempted to do some comfort eating, try to work out what's upset you so you can fix it. That will be a much more productive solution than to raid the cookie jar and then feel racked with guilt about it.


It's easier to get on well with everyone today as Merc turns direct, and you'll be especially successful with people who are older or more powerful than you. It's a good day for chatting to a boss or making contact with an elderly relative. The only fly in the ointment will come if you're desperately trying, and failing, to juggle the demands of home with those of work or other commitments.


We all know that you have a highly developed sense of responsibility but it's important that you keep it in check today, otherwise it will encourage you to take on more duties than you can comfortably handle. At least Mercury returns to direct motion today, but do try to be sensible if someone is looking for a volunteer. What seems feasible right now may turn out to be a millstone round your neck in a few days' time.


Is it your imagination or is a certain person full of hot air? As Mercury stations today after three weeks of retro disruption, they've got a lot to say for themselves but you may not believe much of it or you might decide that they're making it up as they go along. This won't really matter unless they want you to treat everything they say as the gospel truth or you're supposed to be acting on their advice. Use your discretion.


Relationships mean even more to you than usual, as Mercury turns direct, with the emphasis on the atmosphere between you and a certain person. If things are going well with them, you'll have a spring in your step and feel on top of the world. But if things are going badly or are simply rather low-key, you'll feel wretched and will be ultra sensitive to any indication that the situation is about to get worse.

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