A certain someone seems to have a protective layer of skin missing today, judging by their emotional vulnerability. If you're too busy to spend much time with them they may take that as a rejection or get a bit huffy. All you can do is to treat them with care and consideration, and not to do anything that is obviously hurtful or unfeeling.


You need to develop a tough shell today Taurus, because there's a chilly atmosphere and it has nothing to do with the weather! It seems that someone is being distant or unfriendly, and you imagine that it's because they've gone off you. It's more likely that they're busy with other things, unless this is all part of a long-running saga in which they're giving you the cold shoulder. If so, you should end things now.


Financial and emotional matters are fraught with difficulties today, caused partly by the tight-lipped attitude of a certain person and partly by your current tendency to feel hurt and ignored. It's a recipe for unhappiness unless you can distance yourself from the prevailing miserable mood and not let it ruin your day. Believe it or not, things aren't as bad as they seem.


The emotional temperature plummets by several degrees today, leaving you wondering what on earth is going on. It might seem that a loved one is giving you the cold shoulder, there's a delay in hearing from someone you adore or domestic problems are getting you down. Things may seem grim but perhaps you're imagining that they're worse than they really are.


A social event could turn out to be a disappointment today, perhaps because it doesn't go as you hoped or it's postponed until another day. Do your best to rise above all this, otherwise you'll tend to brood on what went wrong and to assign all sorts of negative meanings to it. Resist the temptation to imagine the worst if someone is too busy to see you. It doesn't mean it's over between you.


A lack of cash could put a crimp in your day. You might realize with a sinking heart that you don't have as much money as you thought, and you therefore can't afford to do something you were looking forward to. You could also receive a prickly letter from your bank manager or a depressing credit card statement. Try not to let all this spoil your enjoyment in the day.


You're horribly aware of the emotional gulfs that lie between you and other people today. What's more, you feel incapable of crossing such gaps at the moment, perhaps because you're worried about being rejected or you simply can't summon up the energy. Things may seem pretty dismal right now, but they aren't nearly as bad as you imagine, Libra. Chin up.


You're worried by frosty feelings between you and a certain someone. It's difficult to make contact with them, either literally or emotionally, and you might also have some sort of ideological disagreement too. Try not to panic about this because it's probably only a passing phase. Don't shut this person out of your heart, either.


There's rather a miserable atmosphere between you and a certain person today, or so it seems to you. The fact is that you're taking a very pessimistic view of this relationship and are putting the worst possible interpretation on any sign of trouble. There could also be disappointment when a forthcoming social event has to be scaled down because it looks like being too expensive.


Relationships are tricky, thanks to the emotional gulf that is stretching between you and certain people. You might be with someone in person, but far removed from them in spirit, and it will be very difficult to know how you can improve the situation. Beware of acting defensively and of retreating even further, because that will only make things worse.


The atmosphere between you and a certain someone leaves a lot to be desired now. Maybe they aren't around when you need them, making you feel neglected or unloved, or perhaps you can't get past the emotional gulf that's opening up between you. Try not to worry about this unless it's part of a long-standing problem. If so, think what you can do about it.


There's a constrained and tense atmosphere between you and a loved one, and it's starting to bother you. The burning question is whether you're tuning into what's really happening or whether you're letting your fears get the better of you. Distract yourself by doing something that boosts your self-esteem and which doesn't rely on other people to make you feel good.

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