Still waters run deep today, as you discover when talking to someone who reveals facets of their personality that have been hidden until now. Some of what they say could be quite inspirational or may leave you wanting to know more. You'll also gain a lot of food for thought from reading a book or watching a television program.


This is a super day for immersing yourself in your closest and most intimate relationships. So get together with that special person, or with one of your dearest friends, and do your best to make strong emotional connections with them. You'll end up having a greater understanding of one another.


Your feelings are close to the surface today so forget about playing your cards close to your chest or keeping someone guessing. You're beaming out signals loud and clear! Although this is great for telling someone how you're feeling, it could tip you over into a rather emotional outburst that you'll regret once you've simmered down.


Tread carefully if you're at work today because the atmosphere between you and colleagues or clients could be very highly charged. Maybe someone is taking things too seriously or they're getting bogged down in petty details that you think are a complete waste of time. Even though you may long to give them a piece of your mind it might be wiser to button your lip.


This is a super day for combining exercise and enjoyment in any way you like. You might want to confine your activities to the bedroom, or you could be tempted outdoors for a jog or tennis match. When dealing with loved ones, try to realize that your emotions are the driving force right now and could make you seem rather pushy or blunt.


Watch out if you're supposed to be counting the calories or following some other healthy regime because your willpower is almost non-existent right now. If you get a craving for a biscuit, rather than have only one you'll want to eat the whole packet. If you're cooking, you'll produce enough food to feed an army.


It won't take much to get you all steamed up and emotional today, so tread carefully. A discussion about world events or the latest news story might trigger some powerful emotions, which in turn could be embarrassing if you're with lots of other people at the time. Yet you can't suppress these emotions, even if you'd prefer to let them out in private.


You're in one of those moods in which you're easily overwhelmed by the strength of your feelings, even to the point at which your judgement is skewed or you can't think about anything else. Luckily, this will only be a fleeting phase, so once you've calmed down again you should be able to work out exactly what's going on and why you're behaving like this. What's wrong?


It's a difficult day and you need to take things slowly. Your emotions are in a turbulent and intense state, especially if you're grappling with feelings that you've tried unsuccessfully to push to the back of your mind. It's important that you admit to yourself what's going on, otherwise you'll be caught in the grip of emotions that are crying out to be acknowledged.


Watch out if you're going anywhere near the shops because money will flow through your fingers like water. No sooner will you have seen something you want to buy than you'll have bought it, even if it's beyond your means. Try not to get into hot financial water, even if you do feel an overpowering need to cheer yourself up.


You'll enjoy dashing around and keeping busy, especially if you're doing things that are enjoyable and stimulating. It's the perfect day for taking charge of a group, as in making sure a social event runs smoothly, or taking the lead at a big meeting of people who share the same objectives.


Someone has allowed their power or position to go to their head, making them only tolerable in small doses. Unfortunately, you may have to spend more time with them than you'd like, especially if they happen to be your boss or an older relative. Let their domineering ways wash over you, leaving you unaffected and unmoved. It's the only way to cope.

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