Doubts about a friend creep into your mind now. Something they say could ring alarm bells or make you suspicious of their motives. Maybe you suspect that they aren't as honest as you'd imagined or they tell a story that doesn't add up. There may be something fishy going on but this isn't the day to discover it because you're too receptive to atmospheres and too likely to jump to ill-founded conclusions.


After yesterday, you aren't very sure of yourself today, but be careful about who knows it. They might try to take advantage of your current uncertainty, perhaps by doing you down in some way or simply by putting you on the defensive. There could also be confusion about someone's instructions, with you not understanding what they're talking about. If so, ask them to be clearer.


You'll struggle Gemini if you're expected to concentrate on anything fiddly or complicated today, because your mind simply won't be on the job. It's just one of those things, and there won't be much you can do about it unfortunately except to postpone anything really important until you're more in the mood to cope with it. Not possible? Then concentrate like mad and double-check everything you do.


If you're trying to sort out a debt or an official money matter you could easily get into a muddle today, so take things slowly and carefully. It doesn't help that you're easily distracted right now, with your mind rambling off in all sorts of unhelpful directions whenever you want it to concentrate on what's going on under your nose. Check what you're doing so you don't make mistakes.


Other people affect you deeply today, which may or may not be a good thing. For instance, someone you respect might swamp you with their advice and make you feel that you have no choice but to follow it. Alternatively, you might be entranced by the strong telepathic link that's flowing between you and a certain person.


Much as you would like to take a back seat today, you're expected to shoulder a lot of responsibility. This could soon rankle, making you feel hard-done-by or mistreated. Beware a tendency to tell yourself that you're being martyred or taken for granted, and then to feel deliciously sorry for yourself. You may be making huge mountains out of minute molehills.


Try to avoid lending any of your precious belongings today because they could easily meet with a mishap before you get them back. This may not be anyone's fault but it will still upset you greatly. You should remember this if you want to borrow something, because the same sort of fate awaits you. Neither a borrower or a lender be...


You're feeling very emotional today and you're easily influenced by the people around you. So if someone is feeling unhappy, you're likely to come out in sympathy for them. Equally, you might feel rather put upon if they're feeling angry, because they're likely to take out their temper on you. If this happens it will be hard to stick up for yourself.


You're dragging yourself around like a sadsack, so do yourself a favor and have as many breathers as possible. However, doing this may induce a strong sense of guilt, perhaps because you're entertaining unrealistic ideas about what you should be able to accomplish now. Beware of acting like a doormat or martyr in a bid to get other people's sympathy because it probably won't work.


You have a very high opinion of a certain person today, but the question is whether it's justified. The trouble is that you may be kidding yourself about what this person means to you, or about what you mean to them, and then you might be disappointed when things don't work out in the way you were hoping. So try to keep your head out of the clouds!


Keep track of your belongings because if you mislay something you'll waste an awful lot of time trying to find it again. You're in a rather absent-minded mood, especially if your thoughts keep straying to the past. You may even find that your daydreams are much more vivid and engrossing than what's going on around you. Watch out for misplaced nostalgia.


Watch your step today because it will be easy to lose track of what you're doing and get into a muddle. It doesn't help that you're feeling very absent-minded and forgetful, so you may also waste a lot of time searching for items that you've mislaid. Nevertheless, this is a marvellous day for letting rip with your imagination because it will take you on some fabulous journeys.

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