Life has a lot to offer during the coming four weeks, with plenty of exciting opportunities on the horizon. By nature you're adventurous and intrepid, so you should have no qualms about rising to challenges and experimenting with possibilities. Travel, whether it's mental or physical, will also be on the agenda now.


The next four weeks are the ideal time to immerse yourself in your most intimate and close relationships. Make a big effort to analyze why you are involved in the way you are, and what you can learn from the situation. The more honest you are with yourself about this, the more productive the experience will be. So look deeply into yourself.


The Stars favor relationships today, encouraging you to be receptive to the changes that are currently on the agenda, and to approach them with generosity and resilience. Life should be easier during the next four weeks, because you want to create harmonious atmospheres whenever possible, and partners will respond accordingly.


Thank goodness you're feeling much more jolly today. You might laugh at yesterday's miserable mood if you've now realized that you were worrying about nothing, or you may simply be able to rise above it if the situation has continued. Ideally, you should do something that takes you out of yourself and sets you up for the week ahead. A change of scene might do the trick.


A loved one is being very forceful today and they'll make some very piercing and perceptive comments. You could get involved in a fascinating, in-depth conversation. If you've got some spare time you'll love reading a detective story or watching a thriller on TV. You might also do a little detective work of your own by trying to work out what a certain person is up to.


The best way to sort out any domestic problems or family dramas is to talk them through today. However, you must guard against the tendency to assign blame if it isn't warranted, to dredge up past scores or to act like judge and jury. You should also know when to drop the subject and move on to something else. Don't keep gnawing away at it like a terrier with a bone.


You have a strong need to say what you think today, and you certainly won't want to pussyfoot around or choose your words carefully. Actually, you're capable of making some very astute and convincing comments now because you're viewing life with such clarity, but some people may find you too uncompromising for comfort and refuse to listen to what you're saying.


Get to grips with financial matters today. You're in exactly the right frame of mind for them, because you're feeling analytical and have great powers of concentration, and it will be a relief to get them out of the way. If you find any anomalies or queries, take note of them so you can sort them out during the next few days.


Your mind is as sharp as a razor and extremely incisive today. You're able to look beyond the superficial to what's really going on, particularly when it comes to analyzing your own actions and motives. You're in no mood to fool yourself, nor to balk at thinking about unpleasant or troubling situations if that's what's required of you.


This is an absolutely marvellous day for doing research or finding out what's going on behind the scenes. You've got a nose for secrets right now, and you'll do your best to sniff them out like a bloodhound. However, it's vital that you know when to stop, otherwise you may pry into things that are none of your concern or you might become lost in a sea of unnecessary detail.


A friend is extremely sure of what they're saying and thinking, and it seems they're determined to get you to agree with them. Be careful, because they're being very single-minded and they won't like it if you argue the toss or refuse to play ball, yet you won't want to be brainwashed into believing everything they tell you. Actually, you're probably being as stubborn as they are!


You have the ability to penetrate deep below the surface of situations today to find out what's really going on. This will be very helpful if you're hoping to clear up a mystery or solve a problem, but beware of a tendency to become obsessed with finding answers to questions. This will make you appear very nosy and insensitive, prying into things that are nothing to do with you.

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