Get in touch with someone who lives abroad or who comes from another country, because you're in the mood for some international contacts. You might also enjoy browsing through a travel brochure and planning your next holiday, especially if you're thinking of visiting somewhere for the first time. You're in an adventurous mood!


You need to take care of anyone who's going through a bad time or who is simply less fortunate than you. Give them a ring to make sure they're OK, drop in on them for a surprise visit or offer to run some errands for them. You might also get involved in some other form of good works, such as donating money to a charity or even volunteering your services.


In a sociable and convivial mood, you'll make a big effort to ensure your contacts with others are as pleasant as possible. You might be inspired to chat to a stranger while standing with them in a queue, or to talk to a fellow passenger on the bus or train. There could also be more phone calls for you than usual, much to your delight.


Once again you're feeling upbeat and happy. It helps that you're also feeling quite healthy and energetic. It will do you good to take some exercise, especially if your sweet tooth keeps reminding you about those biscuits sitting in the tin, or that bar of chocolate in your desk drawer. Yes, it's a day when the joys of eating are never far from your thoughts.


Put your brain to good use today, Leo. You're in an inventive and clever mood, and in fact you'll feel fed up if you can't give your mind some exercise. Anything will do, provided that it amuses you. Pit your wits against a crossword or puzzle, show off in your local pub quiz or see if you can win a competition. You might also have a lively and stimulating debate with a special person.


Familiarity breeds impatience and even contempt today because people you know well will have a nasty tendency to get under your skin. All their little quirks and strange foibles will really get to you, making you want to scream with frustration. However, they're likely to feel exactly the same way about you, so be prepared for some fireworks.


Neighborhood activities are exactly what you're in the mood for, Libra. You'll enjoy mixing with other people who live on the same street or in the same area as you, whether you're having a quick chat while queuing in your local shop, enjoying a drink in the nearest bar or putting your heads together over a plan of action that will concern everyone for miles around.


You're working well, because you're thinking along orderly and sensible lines. It's a good day for getting yourself up to date with your finances, especially if that means taking care of details such as checking what's on your latest credit card statement. You'll also be very efficient and practical if you're at work.


Bury your nose in a good book today, read the newspaper from cover to cover, or watch an informative program on television. You have a thirst for knowledge which isn't easily satisfied and you'll enjoy soaking up all sorts of facts and figures. If you venture into your local library or a bookshop you'll emerge weighed down by lots of fascinating books.


Someone does you a favor today. It may not be a massive favor, so don't get too excited, but it will make you feel good all the same. No matter what is happening in your life at the moment, you feel that everything will work out in the end. You may even get a sense that your guardian angel is busy pulling strings on your behalf, which will be very comforting.


Ideally, you should get in touch with some special friends today. You don't want to be with just anyone but you'll certainly appreciate the company of people who are dear to your heart, and even more so if you don't have to make a big effort when you're with them. If a friend is going through a bad time, let them know you're behind them, which they'll really appreciate.


The more restrictive and dull today's schedule is, the more you'll want to liven it up. But will you be able to? Try to make things more interesting for yourself before you reach screaming point, because when that happens you could easily go over the top and do something you'll regret later on. It will be good fun at the time, of course, but what an embarrassment when you've calmed down!

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