Someone is in a very picky and pernickety mood today, making them liable to go off pop at a moment's notice. It could seem as though they object to everything you say, or they pick holes in your remarks, or maybe you're the one who's so quick to point the finger. Try not to let these petty irritations get under your skin. Are they really worth getting in such a state?


If you're in a rather lazy and self-indulgent mood, you're hoping to take things as gently as possible. The thought of vigorous exercise is less than appealing, and lying on the sofa is a much more attractive prospect than sweating it out at the gym. If you're meant to be on a diet you'll struggle to maintain your good intentions.


All your logical thought processes fly out the window today, leaving you liable to jump to hasty conclusions and make snap decisions about whether or not you like someone. Do your best to be aware of what's going on so you can have some control over your thoughts. You may also have a rather testy and heated discussion with a loved one that's best forgotten as quickly as possible.


It's easy to get bogged down in petty details today, especially anything connected with bureaucracy, such as filling in an official form. Do your best to stick to the facts and not get sidetracked by all sorts of things that don't really matter. You should also be careful when talking to loved ones as it will be tempting to fly off the handle and start a row.


The tensions of yesterday's Full Moon start to get to you today, creating a lot of fuss about some facts. Maybe you need to find the truth about something that has been confused until now, or you suspect that someone has been inflating and exaggerating their story. Once again, you need to keep calm and not create a major crisis out of a minor problem.


Once again it's the financial picture that you need to look at. If you feel like going shopping you should try to keep a running total of what you spend, otherwise you might lose track and have a nasty shock later on. There could also be a disagreement with a loved one over how much money you've spent or what to do with the joint account.


You're a walking advert for optimism today and you'll inspire everyone around you to feel equally positive and cheerful. That's great, provided that you don't fall into the trap of kidding yourself about something or deliberately ignoring the great big fly in your tiny pot of ointment. You'll enjoy having a change of scene at some point, especially if you visit somewhere that makes you think.


Whatever else you're doing you'll appreciate having some time to yourself at some point today. Maybe you could stay at home while the rest of the family go out, but even if the only chance of being alone for long is while you're lying in the bath you should make the most of it. You're in rather a sentimental mood, and will enjoy curling up with a film or book that always tugs at your heartstrings.


A friend is great company today, making you laugh, helping you see things from a fresh perspective, and generally cheering you up. You'll enjoy immersing yourself in a favourite hobby, whether you do it with other people or by yourself. You might also get involved in an intellectual debate that stretches your brain and makes you reason things out in order to put across a clever argument.


Today's mood underlines the message of yesterday's Full Moon, once again putting you on tenterhooks and generally making you feel nervy. As a result, you'll let little things assume monumental proportions, so you lose your usual sense of perspective and start to get caught up in all sorts of nit-picking details. Give yourself plenty of breaks if you're concentrating on a fiddly task otherwise you'll start to make silly mistakes.


Make the most of today's positive attitude because it will help you in all sorts of ways. For a start, it will make you feel cheerful and fun- loving, which will increase your popularity and put you in an excellent mood. And that could attract some lucky breaks. So keep smiling! If you've been stuck in one place for too long recently, the thought of travel could be really tempting. Even a day trip will be better than nothing.


You need plenty of privacy today and ideally you should be left to yourself at some point. It's not that you're feeling antisocial because you'll have a wonderful time with that special person in your life, it's simply that you don't want the world and his wife to tag along as well. What's wrong with that? Nothing, provided that you do it without hurting anyone's feelings.

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