You're full of curiosity about the world, making it the ideal day to track down some facts and figures. If you visit a bookshop you might not leave until you've bought half the stock, or you could have a lovely browse in your local library. Anything with a spiritual, educational, religious, legal or international slant is especially appealing to you today.


You're in a very communicative mood, and you'll especially enjoy discussing ideas that have depth. You'll like getting to the heart of the matter and pinpointing your exact emotions, whether you do this in the company of a good friend or you confide your thoughts to your diary. What's important is to acknowledge how you're feeling.


Someone is being rebellious and their mood will quickly rub off on you if you let it, Gemini. You'll soon start to become agitated, and also to feel as though your nerves are on edge. Try not to take on this person's problems, especially if you'll get all churned up as a result. Ideally, you should keep active so you can burn off your nervous energy through some physical exercise.


Tempers run high today, creating a tense and combative atmosphere. Anything connected with money and sex is likely to set you off, and it won't help if either you or your partner is the jealous type. You may also be feeling impatient with a loved one and wishing they were more like you. Well, they aren't and that's just the way things are.


You're all set for a great time today. You're feeling positive and upbeat, which rubs off on everyone else so you all end up having a laugh and enjoying yourselves. If you haven't heard from someone in a while, give them a ring, send them an email or write them a letter so you can keep in touch. You might also arrange some enjoyable travel plans today.


Even the best laid plans have a habit of going pear-shaped today, so be warned. Ideally, you should be flexible and take things as they come, because you'll tie yourself in knots if you try to keep to a strict schedule or you're reliant on technology to see you through the day. You may also have to cope with a partner or relative who seems determined to wind you up.


You manage to chat and butter up anyone you come into contact with today, which is no mean feat. It's great if you've got to sweet talk someone into seeing things from your point of view because you'll have no problems at all. It's not that you'll bully them into submission, merely that you'll put across your opinion in an articulate and rational manner.


Someone's in a tearing hurry today and it's putting them in a filthy mood. The trouble is that they expect everyone else to keep up with their own hectic pace, which isn't exactly easy or fair. There's a strong chance that you're the person who's trying to beat the clock all the time, in which case you'll get really annoyed with members of the family who slow you down or can't seem to get moving. Give them a chance!


Are you inspired to put your feelings into words? It's a very good day for writing down your thoughts, whether it's in your diary and intended for your eyes only, or in an email to a friend. You'll also enjoy talking about your feelings to people who understand, or simply having a long natter with a friend in which you exchange news and also manage to fit in a lot of gossip.


Memories keep flooding through your mind, Capricorn. Ideally, you should have some time to yourself so you can mull over your memories, or discuss them with someone who understands what you're going through. If you've hoarded lots of keepsakes and mementos over the years, this is a great day for looking through them and reminding yourself about what they signify.


Yesterday you were easily intimidated but it's a very different story today. You're full of confidence and you want everyone to know it. Try not to let this go to your head because that will make you bombastic and difficult to be around. Yes, it's a good day to find the courage to say what you want, but you must know where to draw the line otherwise you'll come across as someone who's far too demanding for comfort.


The very thought of being told what to do is enough to make you rebel and stand up for yourself today. And the trouble is that this will land you in hot water if you start to argue with someone important or powerful, such as your boss or the taxman. You may also have qualms about arguing with a parent or other older relative, even though you'd like to scream your head off at them.

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