Saban keeps offensive plans close to vest

TUSCALOOSA, Ala After Saturday's 41-10 over Fresno State in which freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa saw action with the first-team offense, Alabama head coach Nick Saban admitted the plan was to get the back-up some early, meaningful reps.

With Colorado State heading into town, Saban was asked if a similar plan was in place -- seeing as it's likely Alabama will be able to control the Mountain West foe.

Saban wasn't interested in tipping his hand.

"We haven't decided and I wouldn't tell you if I did," he said. "So, I don't mind you asking the question but I don't need to answer it."

Saban continued.

"But I will call Colorado State and tell them exactly what we want to do as soon as I get out of here," Saban said, tapping the podium. "I know Mike Bobo, his dad lives up by my house at the lake. So, I'll just call him up and tell him who we're playing, when, how long, when we're putting them in, tell them the whole thing. Aight? Is that alright with you? So you can call him and find out."