Wiregrass Cotton Expo

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) All of us have something made out of cotton.
Although the tag may say made in china, the cotton is most likely produced
Here in the U.S., and the wiregrass plays a pivotal role in the process.
"Nearly two-thirds of the cotton that's grown in this state is grown in this ten county region right here"
Producers met at the national peanut festival fairgrounds in Dothan Friday for an expo about the upcoming growing season and the potential devastating losses.
"It’s going to be tough. I know it's tough and trying to bite the bullet make it through another year"
Cotton farmers listened to a climatology professor who says "el-Niño" may impact production.
"The el-Niño rainfall started around the late October, early November and it really played havoc with the harvest"
And that's not all, U.S. representative Martha Roby says weather isn't the only thing that might be affecting cotton producers.
"We passed a farm bill that i believe is a good billl. It's not perfect and there's clearly some changes that could be made that could benefit cotton"
Roby says it's not just cotton but farming in general that's a focal point of her job in Washington.
"I’m going to continue to do all i can to ensure that they get to do what they do best and that's provide food and fiber not just for Alabama and the united states but for the world"
And that's something these farmers are banking on, as the growing season approaches.

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