Wayne Farms Expansion

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This expansion will add another 22 additional jobs to support the operation.

Houston County Commissioners approved a 21 million dollar expansion for the poultry processing plant.

Previously Wayne Farms added another 64.5 million dollars of investment to create 624 jobs.
Regionally, this is a big expansion as feed mills are being constructed by Wayne Farms.
Local business leaders feel this will create a large capacity on a side of Dothan that needs growth.
The county is very excited for the new developments to get underway.

Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver says:
"That's great news for our area in that it continues to create jobs and we work everyday to try to create opportunities to our citizens and Wayne Farms is surely helping us do that."

The expansion will add refrigeration and ware-housing to help the operation.
Currently there are nearly 500 workers but once the expansion is complete, this will put the facility well over 1,000 workers.

Culver goes on to say:
"this is about the third time that we have addressed Wayne Farms request but that's a good thing and it just shows that they are active in expanding.”

Today, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker asked the Houston County Commission for a tax abatement for Wayne Farms which the commissioners passed.

Parker says that this will really help to enhance cultural growth and prosperity in our area.
The project that was approved today by the county will be put into place by December 2017.

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