Unseasonable Warmth to Affect Crops?

Temperatures over the past week have been in the mid to upper 70s, some 10-15 degrees above average for January. This has local farmers a bit worried about early blooming of certain above ground crops. David Bell, a local Farmer gave us the latest update on the agricultural front.

“It’s got it out of time really for how it’s supposed to be blooming, and with this extended amount of time we’ve had of it staying this warm its really not good for them ( crops) because we haven’t had the freezes and the frosts”

The damage isn't real just yet but if we continue on this warm trend we could see some real issues down the road, particularly with above ground plants like Satsumas and strawberries.

"Some people have already picked strawberries and that's not good because it messes up the reproductive cycle of the plants"

Some cooler and more seasonable temperatures could be on the way as early as Sunday, and that would certainly be a welcome sight.