Troy University remembers the Holocaust at latest exhibit

DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) - 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust, 6 million of them being Jewish.

Troy University is remembering the genocide with their latest exhibit as “Holocaust Remembrance Day” approaches on Monday, April 24th. It’s a day of remembrance in all Jewish communities and in Israel.

There is a timeline of posters from 1933-1945 that wraps around Everett Hall at the Troy Dothan Campus. It signifies 11 long years of photos, facts and quotes to remember one of the largest genocides in history.

"I really can't get my mind and heart around the fact that people did this. But they did, so what do we do with that? How do we keep that from ever happening again?” said Danise Peters, president of Ruth Remnant, a ministry to educate people on the scripture.

She's traveled to Israel since the 90's and has met roughly 20 holocaust survivors, each with a different story. Peters is not Jewish, but a believer of God and said educating people on the Holocaust is her calling.

"If I can be a small voice for the Jewish communities for them to know there are people who care and who want to carry the torch of their history, good bad and indifferent,” added Peters. “For them to understand that we stand with them. Not because they're a perfect people but because it's the right thing to do."

The display was put together by Ruth Remnant Ministries and Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. As Kyle Singletary took in the exhibit, he pointed out if history keeps repeating itself, we will not learn from our mistakes.

"I think we definitely need to remember it. It's an important part of our history to realize that racism shouldn't be tolerated, you shouldn't persecute someone just because of the color of their skin,” said Singletary.

One quote of a Holocaust survivor said, "My life started from the end. First I have known death, then birth." A powerful message that Peters hopes will stick with these young students when they head to class.

"Education is vital. They say if you don't know your history you are doomed to repeat it. And it’s very true,” added Peters.

If you are interested in visiting the exhibit, it will move to Troy main campus over the weekend and remain there for the next three weeks.

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