Technological Advances to Peanut Farmers

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives. Area farmers are getting the latest, to help their bottom line. News 4's Nicholas Phillips tells us about hundreds of them. Who learned about some of the new gadgets. At the 11th annual peanut trade shows. "New stuff on the farm. About new technology and all that". IPhone or android? Whichever you prefer, we buy the newest technology hoping, it'll make our lives easier. Jay Thomas, a Walton county, Florida peanut farmer is no different. "We’re doing one to one or one too many two way radio type systems to where everyone can communicate and talk effectively and efficiently with everyone in the field". Everything from radio systems to machines making it safer to harvest was on display at this year's peanut trade show at the peanut festival fairgrounds in Dothan. "Well I’ve got my eye on that new k-m-c peanut picker out there". "The new equipment they come out that'll help you on the farm better about picking and quality". Over 700 growers showed up to the trade show and aside from safety producers, had one thing in mind. "Farmers are trying to improve their efficiency on the farm to a least maintain a profitable level". But Thomas says no matter what new technology comes out, weather conditions don't make it any easier. "Till we get some sunlight again and get dried out that's how it's going to be right now. it's going to be a wet year". Caleb Bristow, a memeber of the Alabama peanut producers association says Alabama produced 195-thousand acres of peanuts last year. Farmers hope for much of the same or better in 2016.

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