Eclipse is unique opportunity for area teachers

GENEVA, Al. (WTVY) It’s no secret that the solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime event.

Local schools want their students to experience the dark dream.

Sue Clark, the principal at Montana Magnet says, "We know that this doesn't happen very often."

The solar eclipse will take place August 21st.

Geneva City Schools superintendent Rhonda Stringham says, "It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing."

For three hours, the moon will block the sun.

Geneva City Schools are getting ready, making sure every student, over 1000 of them, has a pair of the solar glasses.

Stringham says,
"We have to protect ourselves from the damage that can happen from the sun."

Geneva Middle science teacher Kellie Fulford says,
"This is the first time one has come across the US like it’s going to on the 21st."

Amber Collins teaches at GHS.

She's anxiously awaiting the eclipse, the biggest in the US in 99 years.

Collins says, "I said, my students are going to see it and I'm going to see it with them."

Over at Montana Magnet in Dothan, there will also be a solar party and a learning moment.

Clark says, "How is it going to impact the animals, how is it going to impact us, or will it?"

These students will see the big show with NASA approved glasses.

Whether we can see the sun or not, it will get ninety percent dark.

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