Samson citizens concerned about conditions at local cemetery

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SAMSON, Ala. (WTVY) — People in Samson are concerned about conditions at Samson City Cemetery.

They say it's not properly maintained.

Billy Couch's mom is buried at there and he pays $25 a year, supposedly for upkeep.

He says, "Half of the time the cemetery isn't cleaned up."

Weeds and trees have grown up over the graves.

Tom Knoles has no family members in the cemetery but says he's also cut the grass before.

Knoles says, "This is Samson's history. it has been here since the early 20s and it needs to be kept up and cleaned."

Couch says, "The land was donated to the black community in 1925."

The land was intended to serve as a cemetery for Samson's black community, but it isn't in the city limits.

This week, the council talked about annexing the cemetery but no decision was made.

Knoles says, "Some of these markers are from before the 20s, there needs to be a little more respect for it."

Knoles and Couch say they hope the city will eventually take care of the problem.

Commissioner James Ruttlen says he plans to bring the issue up again for more discussion.

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