Rise in ticks could make this season worst in years

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Tick season is here and it's expected to be the worst we've seen.

Rise in ticks could make this summer the worst season in years.
From May to July, people will get more tick bites than any other time of the year.

Many have a misconception of where ticks are actually found.

Houston County Extension Coordinator Willie Durr says:
"generally people like to think they're in wooded areas, but if you've got over hanging or grass that's overgrown they're basically waiting to hitch a ride on anything that will come by a small animal or a human being"

He says there is a risk that you could contract a disease from a tick bite.

"Human encepholitas is one that people don’t tend to think about and of course it is prevalent in ticks. lyme disease which gets a lot of hits cause we have had people in this area that have got lyme disease."

If you're worried about children getting bitten by a tick, Durr suggests using an insect repellant like DEET.

If you have concerns about their exposure to an insecticide, make sure they wear long , light-clothing when outside.

There are also a few things you can do to keep ticks out of your home.

Durr says:
"Obviously keep the grass mowed as low as possible or it needs to be.if you have a border around your home that has tree lines you might want to consider mulch in that.

Durr says it's not hard to spot a tick on you, because when they bite, they don't let go.

"It usually takes two days for them to admit any toxins."

That's why it's important to remove the tick as soon as possible.

To remove a tick, use a pair of fine-tipped tweezers.
Put them at the base of the tick, where the head is located.
Pull upward and clean the area with rubbing alcohol.

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