Police chief returns home after horse accident

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Gulf Shores (Help from WALA) Elberta, Alabama Police Chief Stan Devane, a Dothan native, returned home from Thursday after spending weeks in a Denver hospital.

He was badly injured when thrown from a horse while vacationing in Western states with his wife, Deborah. He was transported to Baldwin County (Elberta is there) via a jet donated by a businessman, per family and media reports.

Devane is a retired Dothan police officer and has family here including daughter Whitney who is a former Miss National Peanut Festival Queen.

During his hospitalization Devane spent several days on a machine that assisted him breathing. He also suffered broken ribs and pneumonia.

“The horse I was riding just went to the rodeo with me,” DeVane recalled. “Didn’t give me no warning. Didn’t give me any chance to adjust in the saddle or nothing and when I come to, I was laying on the ground face down, Devane told Mobile television station WALA.

He plans to return to work after additional rehabilitation.