Pol family starts a new chapter in Cowarts after the passing of Hurricane Irma

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Cowarts, AL (WTVY) A family in Cowarts has decided to start a new chapter after powerful Hurricane Irma demolished their home in Daytona Beach, Florida two weeks ago.

Aaron Pol says:
"It was kind of an abrupt wedge thrown into your life; you just have to pull up stakes and go."
On September 8th at 2 in the morning, the Pol family traveled north not knowing what the road ahead would hold.
The family of five were evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma making landfall in South Florida.
Aaron says with three kids, the best decision was to get out as soon as possible.

Whitney Pol says:
"Well we were in Port Orange and the park that we were at; they said it's like a mandatory evacuation."
"They had told us you got to go, but they didn't tell us where to go."

They made their first stop in Georgia, but once the track of the storm shifted they turned west toward Alabama.
After two days of traveling with many stops along the way *and* a flat tire, a phone call to Cowarts Baptist Church Pastor Chris Dunnam was what this already frustrated family needed.
Christopher Dunnam says:
"The night before the storm, I was out praying you know that god would help us to make a difference in this time and to show the love of Christ through our lives and he instantly sent Aaron and Whitney our way."

The church used their property to serve as an RV hookup; Dunnam says they had 26 evacuees.
Aaron says:
"It was heavenly how everyone just welcomed us with open arms and we just fell in love with the people and the town."
Dunnam says the Pol family has served them just as much...
"The day before the storm, they ran to Walmart to get some supplies and he called me from Walmart and said Pastor Chris I’ve got two more families here at Walmart that's staying and sleeping in RV's in the parking lot, can they come? And I said absolutely."

With the overwhelming sense of love, the Pol family has decided to start a new chapter in Cowarts.

Their three children: Danae, Dayton, and Dentley are now in a local school.
I asked Dayton what she has learned from this whole experience and her response is heart-warming....
"That miracles do happen."
Dayton says she feels so at home here.
"People in the church are nice to us, and they greet us every time we come to church and they do stuff to make us feel welcome."

They say when one door closes, another one opens.
And the Pol family is keeping their eyes on eternity.
Whitney says:
“But this church kind of, it's like god just brought us here you know it was like sent us here to help us to find our way."

The pol family plans to move into a home in the near future.

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