Pleasant Grove on the verge of closing

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WEBB, AL (WTVY) - Pleasant Grove Baptist church is steeped in history.
Since the early 1800s.the church has survived everything from the Civil War to modern day Civil Rights Movements.
Despite years of survival. Pleasant Grove may now be on the verge of closing due.

Darante Martin pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church:
"Right before they called me to be a pastor here they were actually about to close the doors of the church. They had just went through a long legal battle where the original families of the church were actually kicked out of the church, and went through two years of legal fees and battles."

For Lizzie Carroll a member of the church since 1949 this news is especially hard to swallow.
The church has been a part of her family for many years.
"It really helped them. I'm a mother of ten. Every one of them were member of the church. From babies raised them up until they were teenagers.

Carroll also said that it helped “her” as well.

"It used to be when we needed light bills and stuff paid they would help out. When my husband passed I was needing help and the church had help me a lot."

Pastor of Pleasant Grove Darante Martin says that the church has a lot of plans if it stays open.

"This church has the potential to open up community programs. We've talked about opening up schools and orphanages’."

Pleasant Grove’s goal is to raise 20,000 dollars. The money will help give the church time to rebuild and regrow.

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