Penn Sate Frat inciddent

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WASHINGTON (CBS) Penn State is investigating a fraternity after a student was found unconscious and hospitalized.

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The 18-year old was suspected of drinking when police found him last week, passed out off campus, about a mile and a half from the Delta Tau Delta house.

“It's a common thing in college campuses whether the Greek life if you're talking about drinking,” said Penn State student Bryan Buschner. “There's a lot of drinking on college campuses in this country

The university has now suspended Delta Tau Delta on an interim basis, pending an investigation by the office of student conduct. All Penn State fraternities are currently under a social ban after Timothy Piazza died in February from a fall during an alcohol hazing ritual.

In a statement, the Piazza family said: "This serious situation is an important test of the resolve of Penn State to enforce their commitment to new regulations and policies."

“I’ve only been here for a year,” said Penn State student Erica Jones. “But I feel like Greek life has changed significantly since past events.”

A university spokesperson says the school is also looking into who provided the 18-year-old with alcohol.
That student was hospitalized and is said to be recovering.

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