Opening ceremonies for next Olympic Games begin 1 year from today

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Pyeongchang, South Korea (WTVY) - The 2018 Winter Olympics, also known as the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, get underway one year from today. They are being hosted by Pyeongchang in South Korea.

This marks the 2nd time that the country has hosted the Olympics overall. In 1988, they hosted the Summer Games in Seoul.

Although the Opening Ceremonies take place on the 9th of February next year, competition in curling and ski jumping begins the day before, according to the currently released schedule.

Some new events will be added to the program. These include big air in snowboarding, a mass start event in speed skating, a team event in alpine skiing, and a mixed doubles event in curling. Parallel slalom snowboarding will no longer be competed.

In the United States, the networks of NBC Universal will be airing the Olympics, as they have since 2000. This includes our sister station, WRGX.

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