Off to a good year for Superintendent David Sewell

DOTHAN, Al (WTVY) - The Houston County School System officially welcomed in David Sewell as the new superintendent on Monday, January 2, 2017. Which means it's off to a good year for the 38-year Houston County schools veteran.

"Any time you're starting a new job, you feel a lot of excitement,” explained Sewell. “I got a lot of plans and want to meet with some people about them."

Sewell has worn many hats during his time in the Houston County school system. He started out as a volunteer football coach at Houston County High School, then received his first full time teaching job at Rehoboth. From there, he went to Cottonwood High School where he taught for 14 years, including his daughter Leigh Skobel, who drove 15 hours from Maryland to attend her father's special day.

"It was really important for me to be here, I know how much this job means to my dad,” said Skobel. “And the difference he wants to make with the county... so being here was really important."

After the classroom, Sewell became an administrator for 8 years at Ashford High School. He's been at the Houston County schools central office for 12-years, where he worked as the accountability coordinator.

"We have to be constantly changing and trying to stay up with the changes that are being made,” explained Sewell. “I have several things that I want to do to increase our test scores, but the biggest thing is preparing our students for life after high school."

Sewell said he plans to raise test scores by increasing classroom time with a new block scheduling system. In contrast with the traditional style of a 6-8 shorter classes a day, a block schedule consists of 3-4 longer class periods a day.

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