Massive sinkhole swallows part of Florida neighborhood

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FLORIDA Swallowed up by the earth, a sinkhole opens up in a residential neighborhood in Central Florida- taking part of a home and a street with it, and putting other homes at risk.

Saturday morning, the landscape in the Land O’Lakes neighborhood forever changed as a massive sinkhole threatens to consume even more of it.

Panicked neighbors called 9-1-1 as the sinkhole quickly grew on Friday. One 9-1-1 caller saying “…there's a sinkhole right next to our neighbors house and it's literally eating the house, like, completely."

Families in the neighborhood were forced to flee, taking what they could with them. Jose Rodriguez is one of them, and won’t be able to return to his home.

“We have nothing to pack,” says Rodriguez. “We lost everything we’ve been working for. Now, we have to stand up and start all over again.”

But sinkholes aren't unique to Florida. Parts of other states are also susceptible to sinkholes, including Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported following the massive sinkhole.
The American Red Cross is assisting those who have been displaced.

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