Malvern residents air concerns over dirt road conditions

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Dozens of Malvern citizens concerned over shabby dirt road conditions packed the town's community center for the council meeting Tuesday night.

“Everybody took a stand for what they believe and they believe we need safe, passable roads," said Joyce Messick, a longtime Malvern resident.

Residents say for months, they’ve had issues with roads being poorly maintained. Flooding has created even more problems.

“They keep changing out the sewers and drain pipes every time you turn around, making them shorter so the road gets narrower and washes away every time it rains,” said Jerry Bradley, a Malvern resident.

Many homeowners came to find out their property has been annexed out of the Malvern town limits. Yet, they are still paying Malvern taxes on water and garbage pickup.

“We’re not in the city of Malvern, but yet the county doesn’t take care of us either," said Messick. "So what are we supposed to do, hook up our own tractors and box blades?”

Malvern Mayor Tom Vickers didn’t want to go on camera, but did say the town’s dirt roads – not part of the annexed sections – were graded on Monday and Tuesday.

Definitely an improvement, but residents part of the annex say it’s not enough.

“We’ll go to the state, we’ll go to wherever we have to go, even if we have to hire our own attorney to get something done with our roads," said Messick.

More than 70 Malvern residents so far have signed a petition demanding the roads be fixed.

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