Interactive art exhibit at WMA's summer event

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) The Wiregrass Museum of Art will have an interactive art installation at their weekend event. Maximize your memories while becoming part of the art, “Magnifying Moments."

The installation has two penny farthing bicycles facing each other, letting people get on the bike and animate the scene through shadow play and video. Normally touching art is not allowed, but without participants the installation would not exist. This is the first time the museum will have art available outside during yard party for art. However, engage the piece while you can because it will only be available at Yard Party for Art.

"We always wanted to bring art out into the yard,” said Lara Kosolapoff-Wright, WMA’s Communication Manager. “That makes sense since we can't bring pieces hanging up on our walls because of humidity and heat. This is just the perfect way to incorporate art into the event and I hope everyone loves it."

One of the creators of “Magnifying Moments" is from the Wiregrass. Artist Jacob Phillips is from Rehobeth.

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