How to Keep Your Home Protected

Dothan, AL (WTVY) With the recent increase of home break-ins, and invasions, people are looking for more ways to protect themselves.

Security systems are said to be the best way to protect yourself while at home, but they can sometimes be pricey. Experts have other suggestions on how to keep your homes and family safe.

“You can have cameras outside your house that you can view from multiple areas in the house. You can even view it if you’re not at home through a smart phone or an Ipad,” said Garret Wilkins, Owner of Burdeshaw’s Lock and Security in Dothan.

Wilkins says there are a lot of options that are available in order to protect people while at home. Options Wilkins say many people neglect to use.

“Got to make sure that the security system is armed and being used properly. Many people have systems, but they fail to use them.

There's also many different options for home security systems, from motion light detectors, alarm systems, to cameras.

Motion light detectors alert homeowners by lights that turn on as soon as they sense any kind of motion and stay on for variable amounts of time.

The average cost of a security light sensor varies between twenty to eighty dollars..

The best way to stay safe is to resort back to number one safety tip.. lock your doors.

“You’ve got to keep the doors locked, even if you’ve got a security system. If you leave your door unlocked and somebody is able to walk right in, you’ve always got that delay between the time the system dispatches authorities and the time the authorities make it. It doesn’t take long to get in a house, grab some things, and get out. So you’ve got to keep those doors locked to prevent entry in the first place,” said Wilkins.

Experts also say you should check deadbolts, doors, and windows frequently to make sure they are properly secured.