Flight recorder being examined in Christmas Russian military plane crash

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SOCHI, Russia (AP) -- Russia's transport minister says investigators have begun to study one of the flight recorders from the plane that crashed into the Black Sea but says it's still "too early to speak" about what caused the crash.

All 92 people onboard the Russian military Tu-154 plane are believed to have died in Sunday's crash shortly after takeoff from the southern Russian city of Sochi.

Rescue workers early Tuesday found one of the flight recorders on the sea bed about a mile away from the shore.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov told Russian news agencies later Tuesday that the investigators studying one of the flight recorders have no information yet pointing to one just one theory about the cause.

Sokolov repeated, however, that Russian authorities have no information that would make them to believe it might have been a terror attack and they saw no possible security breach at Sochi's Adler airport.

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