Farm Share Giveaway

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BONIFAY,FL (WTVY) - Individuals lined up in their cars this morning to receive food at the Holmes County Agricultural Center.

Farm share provided over 16,000 pounds of food to be dispersed to each person in need.

Cars were lined up out the street for those in need to receive food for the month.

This is part of farm shares annual food giveaway to the less fortunate.

Facility manager of farm share Dave Reynolds says there are more people than we realize that go hungry.

"There are tons of people that are going hungry in our area. That’s why we like to come out into these rural areas and help out the folks who can't get into the areas where the food is."

One man who benefited from farm share drove over 30 miles to receive his food.
Ponce De Leon resident George Geraci says:

"Everybody could use a little help in hand with grocery expenses. I’m on a fixed income social security disability and you just can’t cover all the basis. Everybody needs a little help. Some more than me. I got my little share here and we appreciate it."

Some of the items in Geraci's bag included milk, watermelon, and bread.

"It’s unfortunate that they have to come and that they are out there and hungry but it makes me feel very good hat we showed up in the right area and that we had a huge turnout.

Reynolds would go on to say that he was happy that everybody was able to receive food.
Farm share plans on making the giveaway an annual event and plan to host it twice a year.

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