Families reflect on National Night of Remembrance

DOTHAN, AL -- (WTVY) The pain never goes awa. That's the sentiment of one Dothan man whose son was shot and killed 5 years ago.

Paul Eubanks lost his son in 2012 in a triple homicide.

Cameron was 20 years old when he was shot in the back on his head, his heart, and each side of his stomach.

I asked if it got any easier.

He says, "Never. Every day I wake up, it is still August 12th, 2012. It is a nightmare that never leaves."

Eubanks was among more than 70 people participating in the Wiregrass Angel House's annual Night of Remembrance.

He says, "People don't realize that as soon as a homicide happens, whether you are black, white, pink or blue, we all bleed red and someone is impacted."

This is the 4th year that the Angel House has hosted this event.

Director Shelly Linderman says, it is the first step to helping families deal with the pain.

She says, "One day a year, we just stop and reflect on those loved ones taken from us so violently."

Eubanks says this is a start.

"Not just for the community or the state but nationally, just come together, talk and stop the violence."

National Day of Remembrance was started in 2007.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall was guest speaker at Monday evening's event.

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