Ensuring a safer community with 'Business Watch'

DOTHAN, Al (WTVY) - The Dothan Police Department is partnering with local businesses to help make the community safer. Similar to a neighborhood watch program, ‘Business Watch' was established to ensure the safety of downtown businesses.

The Dothan-Houston County Library System (DHCLS) is the first to label their door with the Business Watch safety sticker. The police department trains these businesses on robbery prevention, counterfeit awareness, how to handle bomb threats and dealing with difficult people.

This way, the community can feel safer when they enter a building with one of the sticker on the front door.

"The purpose of the program is to make the downtown core a safe and inviting space for everybody in the community,” said director of DHCLS Jason Leduc. “So when you come in, you know there is a safe place for you to be to learn, to study, to bring and to bring your family.”

If your business is interested in joining the program, you can contact the Dothan Police Department Community Service Division at (334) 793-0230.

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