Early County tax money mistake

BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) — $600,000; that's how much money that was supposed to go to Early County Schools but it didn’t get there.

Early County commissioner chairman June Merritt says it was a mistake that happened over almost three years by the previous county tax commissioner.

Mayor Anthony Howard says the city has worked out a plan to pay the money back.

They gave back $140,000 last week, and plan to pay the rest back over a 5 year period.

Early County Schools superintendent Dr. Bronwyn Ragan-Martin says,
"That's a huge amount of money for a system our size, our budget is $18 million and $600,000 is a couple of teachers and instructional staff."

She says they were considering a possibly lawsuit but that’s on hold for now because after a meeting last week, they feel like everything is coming together and the money will be paid back.

Some of that money was supposed to go to Arlington, Jakin, and Demascus as well.

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