Coca-Cola bottling company in Dothan being turned into entertainment venue

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If you’re looking for something fun to do in Dothan, the answer may soon be downtown.

The old Coca-Cola bottling company is being turned into an entertainment complex.

Alan Clark, the owner of DSI Security got the idea after attending a concert in Panama City.

Clark says, “For Dothan to grow and be where it should be, we feel like this venue will help us attract young people to stay here, because it’s something to do."

The old coke building in Dothan is getting a facelift.

"There isn’t a lot to do in Dothan but you have to have something and this venue will be great for live concerts, we feel like there is an opportunity in our own Dothan, Alabama to have something good, enjoy it and everyone wins."

The area is about 48,000 square feet.

Jessica Parker works with the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority.

She says, "Just the fact that they are bringing another piece of the puzzle, it definitely increases the quality of life here."

The work on this historic building is going to be done in phases.

Phase one is an indoor concert arena that will hold about 1,500 people.

Phase two is an amphitheater.

And phase three is open to ideas, possibly restaurants, bars, or office spaces.

Clark says, "Dothan really doesn’t have a core but we need downtown to be that core."

The first concert in the new complex is planned for December 10th.

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