Canadian girl reunited with beloved teddy bear after Fort Lauderdale shooting

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (WSVN) - It's just a teddy bear, but for a little girl, it means the world.

Amidst the chaos that unfolded in the immediate aftermath of the deadly shooting in the Fort Lauderdale airport, a little girl lost her beloved teddy bear, Rufus. But thanks to a little help from deputies, Rufus made his way back home.

A Twitter message sent to the Broward Sheriff's Office implored for help to find the lost stuffed animal. Kim Lariviere tweeted, "Looking for Rufus from Terminal 2 D8. Crying daughter cannot sleep. #FLLshooting help!"

Panicked travelers were forced to leave behind more than 20-thousand items in the airport as officials evacuated the airport during and after the shooting, which killed five people and wounded many others. A private company was contracted to collect the belongings in order to organize them, in an effort to return luggage and other personal items to their rightful owners.

Once word got out about Rufus, workers found the stuffed animal in the airport's hangar, where all of the left-behind items are being held.

The Canadian family was reunited with Rufus Tuesday afternoon (1/10).

Now that they have Rufus and some of their belongings back, their focus is paying their respects to the families who lost loved ones.

As for Rufus, he's been to all the Caribbean islands, Disney twice, and all the waterparks in Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario - with the family.

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