Senate candidate suggests Strange is corrupt and Moore is incompetent

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) - U.S Senate candidate Doctor Randy Brinson believes he's more qualified than republican rival Roy Moore.

Brinson,who lives in Montgomery, says he knows more about how to grow the economy and deal with international issues than does Moore.

He also criticizes Luther Strange recently selected by then Governor Bentley to fill the seat formerly occupied by Jeff Sessions.

The issue Brinson says is the circumstances around Strange's appointment.

Governor Bentley appointing him to replace Jeff Sessions even though Strange was apparently investigating potential criminal activity by Bentley.

Brinson says:
"Mr. Corruption Luther Strange and him holding that investigation over the head of Governor Bentley. Obviously, it was quid pro quo. Governor Bentley got out of prison as a result of that."

Brinson is former president of the Alabama Christian Coalition.

The senate election will be Tuesday.

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