Blakely homeowners remain hopeful after the storm

DOTHAN, Al (WTVY) - Some families in Blakely are cleaning up the mess after their homes were hit by the storm Monday (01/02/2017) night.

A home on Cedar Springs Road is damaged inside and out. Homeowners Brad and Kim Davis finished moving in about 3 weeks ago, and then the storm happened.

"I wasn't thinking it was going to be that huge of an ordeal,” explained Davis. “We were following it on the radar and I was watching it out the window when the wind direction changed… that's when we headed to the bathroom."

Davis said one of the door frames flew off about 10 seconds before he and his wife took cover. His father-in-law Mike Still lives across the street; he was safe in his home, but his farm shop was demolished.

"We're just going to put it back together, simple as that,” said Still.

As he remains optimistic, he's thankful for all the help he's received from friends, family and neighbors.

"People I haven't seen in years…stopping by and asking what they can do,” said Still.

Trees had toppled over a couple homes a little over 10 miles east on Highway 27. Including the home of Eileen Wade and her granddaughter Shanice Richardson, who are grateful to be alive.

"We're just thankful. You think about the ‘what ifs’ and what could have happened.. and we're just thankful that the good lord decided to protect us,” said Richardson.

The families have been in contact with their insurance companies and are expecting visits within the next 24 hours to figure out the next step.

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