Apple's iPhone turns 10 years old this week

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San Francisco, CA (AP) -- The Apple iPhone turns 10 this week.

The iPhone was one of a kind when released in the United States and marked the start of a dedicated user base.

With a unique touch screen display and intuitive software, user-friendly features allowed for scrolling through voice mail messages, Internet access, and easy access to music and photo libraries.

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the revolutionary product in early 2007, but it took six months before the first iPhone was available to consumers.

Its release faced rumored delays after the announcement, affecting Apple stock.

It dropped four percent within minutes of the report.

Apple quickly dispelled the rumor and drastically recovered profits by the end of the day.

At the time of its release, skeptics questioned whether the device, which combined a cell phone, iPod media player, and wireless web-browser would live up to the hype.

Safe to say, it has exceeded expectation as die-hard fans continue to camp out in front of Apple stores to get a shot at snagging the latest generation models.

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