Alabama lawmakers approve GOP-backed plan to redraw Senate districts

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. ( — A plan to redraw some Alabama state Senate districts won final approval from sharply divided lawmakers Thursday night.

The House of Representatives approved the plan on a 71-32 party line vote.

The vote came after the 253-page bill was read in its entirety by an automatic reader. The Democratic minority asked for the reading, which took about eight hours.
A federal court ruled in January that the Legislature had to redraw three Senate districts and nine House districts before next year's election. The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by the Alabama Democratic Conference, the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus and others.

The court found that the Legislature improperly used race as the predominant factor in setting boundaries in the 12 districts.

The new plans affect many other districts.

The House redistricting plan is still pending in the Senate, where it is being read at length.

The plans will be subject to review by the court.

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