Alabama Schools Superintendent Michael Sentance defends job

AL State School Supertindent Michael Sentance
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ALABAMA -- (WTVY) Alabama's State School Superintendent is saying that he should stay on the job, after the school board gave him a negative job review.
In the last school board meeting, he received poor scores when he was evaluated by School Board members.
He has been on the job for less than a year.
Critics say he's not a certified teacher and has never served as a principal or local superintendent.
Board members have also complained about his communication skills.
He admits his tenure has not been flawless.
But in his response to school board members, he says that he is still the right man for the job.
"We're talking about real change and that takes time to both evolve and to put into place."
After the response, the school board didn't decide what to do next.
Sentence says he will continue to try to improve the education system.

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