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Bicyclist attends meeting on safety, gets hit on the way home

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A cyclist is thankful he and his bike are OK after getting hit by a car. The ironic thing: he said he was hit on his way back from a meeting about pedestrian and bike safety.

After the meetings with the city just weeks ago on street safety, Chris St. Pierre is rattled and is convinced it'll happen again.

As an avid cyclist this wasn't St. Pierre's first time being hit, but he's thankful he wasn't hurt too bad.

"I'm very shaken up. I mean half the aches and pains that I've got I think are probably half from just tensing up from when I got hit. And half from you know, getting hit by a car," said St. Pierre.

Pierre was biking on a trail along the street and was about to turn left at a light. He said a car was turning right, but he had the walk signal. They collided right at the intersection.

"And then the officer got there and he was just very quick about you know, 'What happened? Where were you? What color was the light? Are you okay?' And that was about it that he asked me. And then at that point the EMTs had gotten there," said St. Pierre.

St. Pieere said the man who was driving the car felt terrible, but he's still confused why he wasn't ticketed for hitting him.

Gray-TV affiliate KOLN reached out to Lincoln Police but the accident report wasn't ready yet.

"Because he was so apologetic I didn't want to be confrontational about it." said St. Pierre.

This comes just a few weeks after three cyclists were hit over the span of just a few days. Including Randy Gibson, who police said was killed by a drunk driver.

"I mean I hope that drivers look out a little for us," said St. Pierre.

Again Chris said he was jut on his way back from the city pedestrian bike advisory council meeting. He's hoping drivers and cyclists can continue to make the roads for everyone.

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