Leaders say the gas tax would have helped Wiregrass counties

DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) Local leaders will now have to find another way to improve infrastructure in the Wiregrass.

A gas tax died in the Alabama legislature last week.

The proposal called for a 3-cent sales tax increase on gas.

The bill known as A-TRIP 2 would have generated $22 million dollars for Houston County.

Henry County would have gotten $10.2 million, all of it to fix crumbling roads.

David Money is the probate judge in Henry County. He says, "We had probable 70-80 miles of road that we felt we could get done with the 10.2 million"

Houston County commission chairman Mark Culver says, he feels like many in Montgomery were playing games.

Speaker of the House, Mac McCutcheon was wanted to see it passed.
He says, "I have been working on the gas tax for several years, I've had people jump on me and threated to run someone against me for proposing a gas tax"

Culver says, "We wish all the legislators in the state acted like the ones down here and we would get this bill passed"

Money says, it’s disappointing.

"Especially because it would cost the average citizen about two to three dollars a month"

House speaker Mac McCutcheon said the gas tax wouldn't be coming up for a vote in the foreseeable future.

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