Brand-new furniture that looks vintage is the best of both worlds

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Sponsored - Sometimes when people are shopping for vintage furniture, they may have to sacrifice durability for a rustic look.

That’s why The Rustic Barn is using brand new materials to make furniture that looks vintage. The result is high-quality furniture with an old-time feel.

“Nowadays people are looking for good, rustic furniture and a lot of rustic furniture out there is not premium quality,” said Philip Reeder, owner of The Rustic Barn.

The other great thing about buying brand-new furniture that looks vintage is that you can furnish every room of your home, sometimes multiple homes!

“Where most of the time, you go into a furniture store, you can only find one or two pieces. We specialize in it,” said Reeder.

The Rustic Barn has everything from barn door style pieces to breakfast tables to bedroom sets that will last your family’s lifetime.

The Rustic Barn is located at:

1675 East Malvern Hwy
Dothan, AL

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